Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To Blog...or not to Blog

...that is the question I seem to be asking myself most days.

Though I manage to check in on blogs here and there, I can't seem to find the time, nor the words to post.

So, I will 'entertain' you all with what you come here for in the first place ~ pictures of Abigail :-)

Sitting pretty on her ride-on lion

Look, I got grass on my hands

Help! I can't get it off

Hey big brother, whatcha doin down there?

Taking a breather with big brother

Lounging with big brother in the sun

Chillin' with a few of my friends

A pretty normal expression when she is in awe/or excited about something

Looking at something interesting

Loving a ride on the "Desert Rose" pink 'Huffy"

Fishing for fishy puzzle pieces

Almost had it...

"Cheese" says the mommy and Abigail

Giggling after some serious 'butterfly' kisses

We mustn't forget the Eskimo nose kisses too!

Stay tuned for the verdict on blogging!!!


T n' W said...

What! No, no. You must blog. If only once a month. And you are so right, we are into the pictures. I love seeing these kids grow. I like the idea of keeping in touch with our little group. And I do the same thing. I might jump on and just get a chance to read the blogs, but I do look forward to reading new post and seeing the pics. Life is busy (more so now) But I think you're gonna get the same response on this topic. We just love seeing those rosey cheeks and beautiful smile!

Krissy said...

Yay! I was hoping for more posting!!! :) What a beautiful family you have. Hugs - Krissy

k1 said...

Well, If I get a vote, I Vote for CONTINUED blogging. I check in regularly to get Webb Family Updates.

They don't have to be long or fancy, just little views into your life now and then.


Tammie said...

Please Blog- i keep checking here and hoping for an update- I miss you!!!!! you have been on my mind alot lately and this is where i can come and catch up. YOu have a beautiful heart Ruth please do share it.
We will be gentle and hold it ever so dearly.

Take care- hug all those kids tight!

QuilLight said...



Truly Blessed said...

I, for one, check your blog daily (well, maybe every other day). I'd surely miss it if I didn't have some Abigail cuteness to see when I stop by. have to do what you need to do.

I think every blogger goes through the phase of asking, "why am I doing this - I don't seem to have many readers/commenters" and at that point you have to take stock of WHY you're blogging. Is it so that readers will comment? Is it to document your family activities for family and friends to enjoy... to simply record, for posterity, a glimpse into your life? Or maybe it's for a creative outlet or just a way to process all of your thoughts in written form.

Personally, that process told me that I blog because I need a place to put all of my thoughts and I blog to record our children's activities for posterity's sake. Whether or not I ever had a reader or commenter, I will continue blogging for those reasons. My blog will become their story (I do plan on having my blog printed in book form for them) and since they're not getting photo albums of their lives, and I never did baby books for them, my blog is the best they're going to get!

But, I still love it when someone comments, because comments to a blogger are like crack to an addict!

Alyson and Ford said...

Pictures are the best!! Keep blogging! Even if you do it only once a month, it could then be printed into a book of the monthly updates....

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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