Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

We have been tagged to write our six word memoir by "Alyson & Ford" over at "Imagine Alyzabeth An...It's Easy If You Try"

Basically, what that mean is I must come up with something creatively unique in just 6 short words - summing up our life at this current state.

So...without further delay I give you:
Impatiently Waiting For Our New Daughter

There, maybe it's not so 'creative' or even 'unique' but it truly sums up exactly where we are. Now, with that said, I could've chosen:
Soaking Up Sun Before It's Gone (since our WA weather has been less than desirable for June)
Rearranging Bedroom Before Our Daughter's Arrival
how about
Our House: Soon Turned Upside Down
or even
Gettin' The Sleep While I Can
my personal favorite
Before long, What's That Horrible Smell?

So, no matter how you sum it up, 6 words usually can't cut it! or can it?

Now, if you're up to the challenge (and fun), here are the rules........ you need to describe your life in 6 words, link back to me, and then tag another 5 people. Leave them a comment to let them know they are tagged. It really is fun. And with that, we tag:

K1 in WA - In China with Truly Blessed, and maybe she'll play along
Liptacks & Ladybugs
Truly Blessed - they are currently in China now, so they may not respond
Our Journey to Sophie

Friday, June 27, 2008

Definitely a road well traveled

Today marks our 29th month log in date anniversary.
Wow! I can't remember the last time I had to wait so long for something so wanted! It's very clear, we have definitely taken the road 'well' traveled, by many who have gone before us and many who are to follow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

See...wishful thinking does work!

You know the saying, "Be careful what you wish for..."?!?

I'd be perfectly 'happy' to wish for beautiful sunny days for a while


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I LOVE Chai tea lattes with soy!
~Warm, sweet, creamy~
They have the 'power' to transport me to a location where the sun is always shining, a temperature not more than 85 degrees with a balmy southerly sea breeze ~ sitting in my chaise lounge with an incredibly delightful book. I can hear the lapping of the ocean onto the sand. All is well.
~ Ahhh...Bliss!~

Hold it, hold it!
Reality check
48 degrees (I must have transposed my digits above)
Drippy, wet, soggy rain that manages to drench you no matter what
Snow is falling just a mere 40 miles east of me, I think I'll get out my snow gear and hit the slopes...after all it is JUNE 10th for crying out loud.

Alright I admit I'm a bit cynical about the current state of our weather. Wishing to be anywhere but here right now! So here's a few suggestions:
Phoenix, Arizona 89 degrees
Denver, Colorado 81 degrees
El Paso, Texas 88 degrees
Atlanta, Georgia 85 degrees
Savannah, Georgia 91 degrees
Escondido, CA 78 degrees (my 2nd favorite)
Kihei, Maui 86 degrees (my favorite)