Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello from Washington!!!

Hello dear family and friends.

We made it home safely and with very little interference from the newest addition. She did really well on the flights home and only screamed the last 20 minutes of landing home (she'd had enough by then, and so had we).

We are all alive and well...well sort of. Jet lag has hit in full force so we've been a little non-existent while we are trying to get our feet on the ground.

I will post pictures tomorrow of our time here at home.

And...from this point on, please return your sights to our original blog (oh yeah, you are already here :-) Abigail's Journey to follow along in our journey as a family of 6 now!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen Goodnight!

Well my friends...the time has come for my final post!

At least until the 28th that is. We are China bound and feeling it everywhere from the butterflies, to the jitters, to the grumpies too.

We welcome all of your prayers on this incredible journey. To the many of you who have been there from the beginning... this is it! Can you believe it?!?

Now we wouldn't think about not having you join us for Part 2, so tune into 6000 Miles to Abigail to follow along with us as we transform from a family of 5 to a family of 6!

God bless.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I know it's belated, but...

I just wanted to say to the love of my life...I couldn't imagine doing "life" with anyone else in this whole wide world. My heart belongs to you always!!!

Happy (Belated) Anniversay My Love!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Today was a special day!!!

Today I had the pleasure of being surrounded by some very incredibly special women who hold a special place in my heart!

Today I received so much love from these women.

Today I was prayed for in such an honoring way by these special women.

Today was my baby shower for Abigail!!!

To each and everyone of you, my heart was touched so deeply by your generosity, compassion, love and prayers. I cannot even begin to gather the words to express my deepest gratitude.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Just to give you a few details of today's events:

Ever wonder what a 30 month pregnant woman looks like???
Wonder no more. Yes that's really me, with Grandma's
..........in costume of course, but I couldn't resist.

36 women (yes 36 can you believe it)

Beautiful sunny day

Fabulous hosting

Chinese take out theme

Amazing chinese food (salads, lettuce wraps, egg rolls, fried rice)

Presents galore (I truly felt so spoiled)

Can I just take a moment here and describe to you how incredible it was. A dear friend made this cake from scratch, and the decorations alone, on top, took her a week to complete. All of the cherry blossoms are hand made edible candy as well as the oriental lettering, branches and the little ladybugs that adorned the flowers. Talk about priceless ~ truly a work of art...and for ME!!! I have included a picture for your viewing pleasure but it really was better appreciated in person.
I have the most amazing friends who really know how to put on a party.
I love you all!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

China or Bust!

We have travel dates! I can hardly believe it.
We received the news this morning that we have a Consulate Appointment on September 25th - just 2 days after Abigail turns 1 years old. We are so excited and overwhelmed at the same time, it's as though our heads are spinning!

We leave next week, (September 11th I think, still waiting for confirmation) - just 6 short days and a few short hours from now. Good thing I've been busy packing these past couple of days.

More details to follow once we have itineraries.

If you want to follow along our journey while in China, come visit us at 6000 Miles to Abigail